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We have over 15 years of training and experience with sales, layout -graphic design, magazine publishing and advertising.  By using The Scene Online Media,  We commit to your company by -"Getting YOU Seen",   giving you more visibility, and exposure through our advertising packages and placement in our unique high exposure magazines.    For a consultation and quote on Deign or Advertising Packages - 702.218.8509

The advertising packages we offer are both digital and online traditional advertising packages and sponsorship opportunities. No matter the budget we can find a package to fit your needs.  What sets our company apart is taking the extra time to evaluate and communicate with our clients needs. We take extra time evaluating the proper media needs and solutions to getting you more exposure and awareness with thousands a month.  Call us today because - we love what we do and we are here for you!

Why you need-The Scene Online Media 

→1. Create awareness - relevance and credibility.

→2. Help Your Brand Stand out with relevant design and content.

→3. Increase exposure and Visibility.  


With our extensive background in advertising and communication, we can help you define your companies brand better and more effectively.  Our strategy in our advertising is to use the proper SEO and target marketing when advertising your company.  When advertising with The Scene Online media, we will include - ad design, online target marketing and 30 day stats, which should help in tracking more specific demographics and your target customer. 

Our marketing approach will include:

 →Marketing Consultation  & Design                                          

 →Banner and Digital Advertising

 →Content Marketing  



Graphic Design, and Layout is our specialty and our passion.  Our creative and hands on approach to the design is part of our training and daily practice for our clients for over 10 years.  We use the latest cutting edge mobile design, and online strategies, that will improve your product to get seen with The Scene Online Media!   Our initial meeting will begin with  your brand, and how to  create the best strategy with online media, and advertising creatively, efficiently helping your brand - stand out against your competition. 




At The Scene - it is our mission to provide content and information through  web, digital platforms for today's media demands that are the most effective for content marketing and readership.  Our method of design is for multiple cross platform formats that are: easily read and convenient for our readers.  Our goal for you is to asset to your company by assisting with online media exposure to the masses and to help connect your business with our audience and readers through online media technology. 

The Scene Online magazines are: web and digital Magazines published seasonal.  The magazines are: Fashion, Entertainment, Dining, Vegas, LA, NY, Miami and our Featured non seasonal Faith magazine.  As an advertiser with The Scene Online Media, our advertising packages will offer - unique magazines to choose from with a variety of content more suitable and specific to your brand . This benefit of having multiple options for ad placement and content offered in our magazines,  will position your ad to the right demographic, and reach to the advertisement.  →Click here To view all online and digital magazines.



THE MAGAZINES -  The magazines are published online and digital formats. The Scene Magazines are  lifestyle magazines with multiple topics to choose from that are focused on arts and entertainment, culture, and inspiring stories of today. 

THE DESIGN -The magazines are flexible in design with a custom format to fit mobile, tablets, desktops, and other media needs. Our digital -optional print if ordered magazines are designed with at high resolution, and allow you to order them to enjoy the standard print option. The content in our digital magazines is  unique content and photos that are an extension of the online magazines and unique to the digital platform.

Media Exposure  - The Scene combined online and digital magazines reach thousands of people with a global reach online.  As an advertiser and sponsor, The Scene Online media  will include you in our social media, email marketing and promotions for the scene magazines. With our followers combined over 10,000, we can put your company in front  our large audience. 

Demographics- Scene Magazines are targeted to both male and females ages 18-60 in the United States and other countries. At least 90% of the users are mobile and tablet users. The advantage of reading the magazines is the cross platform design allowing a reader to view the magazines on any device.    → VIEW MEDIA KIT