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mymagazinerack.com  a Magazine Rack For Today's Generation  i let us help you design your next media publication 


IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BANNER AD WE CAN DESIGN ONE FOR YOU AT NO EXTRA COST  - Just Email today (images, logo, and text) within 3 business days we can have your ad online -getting more visibilty and get your company found easier on search engines once banner is paid we will send a confirmation and have your ad up immediate on next day of business.

Try Advertising for JUST 30 days! All plans come with support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee! Guaranteed traffic to ad. Our latest promotions include the following: Free banner in all 5 Scene Magazines, Target Marketing, and traffic guarantee for all banner ads not to incude: Spotlight , Banner Special, and standard ads. Give us a try for just 30 days and see the benefits of getting your product SEEN with Vegas Scene.  Fill out form within 72 hours we can help you promote your business instantly. ! ORDER NOW  online   i   fax or email form  i  pricing ad sample media kit 



BANNER AD PRODUCTS -click here for pricing and sample sizes 

♦ MOBILE TOP SPOT BANNER  – 780 x90 Rectangle Banner Ad $1500.00- $2500.00 with printed magazine Exclusive top spot banner ad located in mobile top area – places on home page and 6 major sections for all 5 Scene Magazines. (Limited to 3 for more exposure to your company). The higher paid package will include higher exposure with guaranteed traffic and impressions.

♦ STANDARD BANNERS Located on Home page top area -6 Main areas 1- Below ads are in order of mobile mobility.
• 780x 90 Rectangle Ad 
• 350 x 350 Square Ad
• 350 x 600 - Sky Scraper Ad

♦ NATIVE EVENT AD  780 x90 Rectangle Banner Ad $295.00 Located inside the article for event coverage. Limited to 6 for maximum exposure. As a bonus – we will market your product to a target audience specific to ad and article, and GUARANTEE maximum traffic and exposure to your ad.

 BANNER IMPRESSION GUARANTEE 780 x90 Rectangle Banner Ad $395.00 Placed on all 5 Scene Magazines in Home Page footer and 6 main sections of magazines. More exposure with guaranteed traffic and impressions.

digkit♦ SCENE SPOTLIGHT AD ANY SIZE • 780x 90 Rectangle Ad   • 350 x 350 Square Ad   • 350 x 600 - Sky Scraper Ad
The Ad is Located inside the article with a spotlight article about your company and is limited to 1 for maximum exposure. As a bonus – we will market your product to a target audience specific to ad and article, and GUARANTEE maximum traffic and exposure to your ad.

♦ SPECIAL BANNER PROMOTION – 728x90 located in one main section  of one Scene Magazine -(LA I NY I MIAMI I VEGAS I NASHVILLE) JUST $79.00 


ORDER TODAY to ensure pricing and ad placement please fill our our online ad request form and allow up to 72 hours during our normal business hours of opreration to respond and get your ad online once paid in full by the advertiser. For your Our convienent online payment option allows you to order your ad and pay immediately. Click here for easy online payment and order options. Disclosure:Note by advertising in one or all of The Scene Magazines c/o Vegas Scene Advertising inc., The advertiser agrees that they will provide artwork that is not copyrighted and understands that Vegas Scene Advertising will only used licensed, non copyrighted materials needed for design and placement of advertising, and will not be responsible for use of unauthorized artwork, photos or used items to advertisement in The Scene Magazines. VIEW MEDIA KIT  PRICING    Legal Disclosure:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can guarantee traffic i impressions and target marketing for better results!



1. Advertising Packages 
Design, superior collaboration and idea-sharing, Online and Digital Print Ads all sizes for our magazines. See media kit here:
2.New Business Branding and Design Packages  
Our branding packages for companies, identifying your company and using innovative techniques. Consultation, Planning and design
3. My Magazine Rack 
Place your magazine at My magazine rack with a free banner add as little as $99.00 a month. MYMAGAZINERACK.COM


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Digital i Print options are offered for special request and special editions. Call today for pricing and more details.